Specialty chemicals company Lanxess has launched new Lewabrane Ultra Low Pressure (ULP) line for removing micropollutants in water treatment. These ULP elements display higher water permeability than the standard elements, while offering the same high level of rejection of critical substances. The company has also doubled its capacity of producing membrane.”We have expanded the capacity of our plant in Bitterfeld so that we can continue meeting the rising demand for reverse osmosis membrane elements. This step makes us even more attractive as a supplier to major customers,” said Jean-Marc Vesselle, head of the liquid purification technologies business unit at Lanxess.

Lanxess has been continuously expanding its line of membrane elements since production began in September 2011 and the products were introduced to the market in early 2012. Today, numerous types of Lewabrane elements are available in different sizes, which can be optimised for high fouling resistance, high energy efficiency or high performance.

Production of membrane elements for the Lewabrane line is a multi-stage process. It begins with the fabrication of a thin-film composite membrane comprising several individual layers. A polysulfone base layer and an active filter layer are applied on a nonwoven base substrate. The filter layer is made of polyamide and applied in a complex coating process. Produced as flat components, the reverse osmosis membranes are then wound by fully automated autowinders into spiral-shaped elements. This design helps to conduct untreated water towards the membrane surface and to collect the permeate (filtrate). In addition to the membrane elements plant, Lanxess also operates the world’s largest plant for monodisperse ion exchange resins in Bitterfeld.

Lanxess will also exhibit at Aquatech 2017 which will kick off from October 3, 2017 in Amsterdam. It will showcase its Lewatit-brand ion exchangers, its Lewabrane line of reverse osmosis membrane elements and its Bayoxide iron oxide adsorbers for water treatment. “As one of the world-leading suppliers of products and solutions for water treatment and purification, we support our customers in managing scarce water resources as efficiently as possible. Our products meet the highest German and international production and quality standards. At Aquatech, we want to demonstrate our competence as an experienced, all-around supplier to a broad, international, professional public,” said Vesselle. (RR)


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Ultrafiltration (UF) is more popular than ever for many kinds of water treatment. It has steadily gained momentum over the past 15 to 20 years, especially for more challenging types of feed water such as surface, waste and sea water. Among other applications, inge® UF can be used as a pretreatment process for reverse osmosis (RO). Its highly robust Multibore® membranes provide better water quality than conventional methods, and the modules offer an unparalleled service life.

A piped water supply from the municipal waterworks is an expensive option for Brazilian businesses and industrial concerns. Getting connected to the mains costs between eight and 20 times more than drilling a well and treating the water, especially with the availability of treatment methods such as ultrafiltration membranes, which reliably remove particles, bacteria and even viruses from the water.

Puri Azul, an appointed distributor for inge® products in Brazil, builds UF systems to desalinate and purify seawater and brackish water with a combination of UF and RO. Recent examples include systems in Rio de Janeiro (UF capacity of 240 m³/day) and São Paulo (180 m³/day). These treatment plants can produce one cubic meter of water at a lower cost than the same amount piped from a waterworks.

To demonstrate the benefits of UF – including outstanding performance and consistently high-quality treated water – inge® and Puri Azul offer potential customers the opportunity to run their own pilot project. More than a dozen waterworks all over Brazil have already taken up this offer, and the results look promising. www.inge.basf.com


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A retenção confiável de partículas, bactérias e até mesmo vírus é algo essencial, independentemente do tipo de água que deseje tratar. Quando se trata de produção de água potável ou proteção de sistemas de osmose reversa (RO), as membranas de ultrafiltração da inge® são a escolha preferida – Essa é sua garantia de água limpa.


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